5 Tips To Staying Sane As A Stay-At-Home Working Mom

Due to COVID-19, we’re all in foreign territory and stress levels are high for all. However, not being able to brunch at your fave cafe doesn’t compare to the new reality that so many parents are experiencing - balancing working from home while home-schooling the kids.



You thought working from home would be easy? Nothing sounded better than responding to emails in your underwear and baking treats between Zoom calls. And the kids? It’d be fun to get to know them better… Right? 

You were about as wrong as a gun-slinging tiger keeper with a mullet. Staying motivated as a stay-at-home working Mom is tough. 

But you’re not alone! Little Tucker is all about treating yourself, finding a bit of “you time”, and helping you crush it (in self-isolation).

So, this one’s for the professional Moms facing a new reality during COVID-19.

Here are 5 tips to keep you from going crazy.

1. Create sanity breaks



There’s so much information out there right now about how to recreate your kids’ routines to resemble their lives pre-COVID. But what about you, Mom? Beyond creating grade 5 school rosters, what are you doing to incorporate your favourite activities into your routine?

It’s time to create some sanity breaks. 

Schedule in that virtual glass of wine every Wednesday night with your best friend over Facetime. 

Heard of Houseparty? Download the app and have a COVID-games-night-in with your buds. 

No idea who that mullet-wearing tiger keeper is I mentioned earlier? Get Netflix-ing without the guilt of having somewhere else you should be! 

Date night? Get a little creative here. Try recreate that dish from your fave restaurant you and your partner love to go to. 

Or try our One Week Plant Based Eating Challenge and get creative in the kitchen.

Meditation, coffee with Mom, listening to a podcast. We mean it - put it in your calendar. If you can manage to do so during nap time, even better. These things matter and should not fall at the wayside - especially not right now. 

2. Cut Yourself Some Slack


On top of already being a Super Mom - now you’re being told you need to be a Super Teacher too?! Stop and appreciate how hard this task actually is. 

Constantly sticking an iPad in front of your kids faces to keep them entertained is typically not a great way to go. But maybe right now is an okay time to relax these rules a little. Check out Kidoodle - a kid friendly streaming platform. 

 And the likelihood of being able to replicate your child’s exact level of schooling they typically receive is probably quite low.  So maybe there are times where you need to choose between another 30 minutes of math homework, or a family game of Scrabble.

Do what feels right to you, and cut yourself some slack if you choose option B.


3. Set boundaries


Everyone needs them - so set them with your partner and your children. 

Establish what you need in order to remain productive during your set working hours. Need a deafeningly silent room to get your work done? Or is blaring music your thing?

Creating a peaceful office environment may not be possible due to your living quarters - but stating your needs and preferences from early on helps. 

Also remember that you are worthy of quiet. You deserve rest. Let them know that “Mom’s feeling a little upset and needs quiet time for 20 minutes” if you need a time out.

Be fluid, because your day-to-day will look different. It is for me… I’m stuck self-isolating Down Under! (For those who don’t know me, I’m actually an Aussie! Read more about my story here.) 


4. Stock a nutrient-rich pantry


We’re being told to keep grocery store trips to a minimum. So, stock your pantry with long shelf-life products. I’ve created a list of basic pantry essentials for you here.

Stocking up doesn’t have to mean piling up on pre-made preservative-crammed snacks (grrr!). 

How about nuts, seeds and dried fruits to make your own energy balls? Or frozen fruits rather than fresh to make your morning smoothies? Healthy stuff like quinoa, lentils, beans, frozen veg and tinned tomatoes can make one hell of a veggie chilli. And these ingredients are all completely shelf stable to last for weeks. 

Also, there’s also no harm in hiding away some of Mom’s fave indulgences – guilt-free Snickaroo Bites and wine, anyone?


5. Stick to your goals


COVID-19 has made many of us reshuffle our priorities. If you’re the kind of person who needs purpose and productivity, maybe take this opportunity to assess what it is you need to feel a little more settled. 

If setting goals is what you think you need, take a look at our downloadable self-care tracker. This little beauty is less about working hard and more about setting goals to ensure you’ve created time for yourself to stay mentally healthy.


 And lastly, remember to look for those silver linings. This can be a stressful time, but there are ways of getting through it.


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