7 Reasons to Support Small Businesses

This year more than ever, we’re wanting to support local businesses and find meaningful products for ourselves and gifts for our loved ones.  Rather than shopping online from a third-party business, consider searching out local businesses for your needs. In addition to causing a real person to do a happy dance, you’ll be doing a lot of good for yourself and your community.
Here are a few reasons to shop locally from small businesses;

It’s Great for the Economy

When you’re shopping local, the money that you spend is going right back into your community to support the shop owner, as well as other local businesses.  Plus, shopping locally can also help to create new jobs in your area, further benefiting your local economy.


It Allows You to Connect with Business Owners

When you’re buying from big box stores and websites, you can miss out on that personal touch that comes with shopping from a small business.  When you choose to shop local, you’re able to truly connect with those who have dreamed up the ideas for the products that you buy, meaning that you’re able to learn the story behind each product, making each item all that more special.

You’ll Discover More Unique Products

Small shops are the go-to for getting special, custom items.  When you step away from the bigger stores and stick to staying local, you’ll discover even more unique products that make great gifts or give you something special to try yourself.  Plus, smaller businesses create more diversity in the marketplace, which means that you’ll have even more choices when you do go shopping.

It’s Better for the Environment 

When you purchase from bigger box retailers, your products often have to travel quite a ways to get to you, putting more strain on the environment.  Shopping local usually means that your products are coming from materials produced nearby, making it easier on the environment.  Plus, many small businesses are often committed to eco-friendly practices, which you can directly support with your dollar.


You’re Supporting Entrepreneurship

Whether you’ve started a side-hustle yourself or supported a friend through the journey of a new business, you know just how much work it takes to get a great idea off the ground.  By shopping small, you’re supporting innovation and creativity and helping a dream to come true.

You Get Better Customer Service

Small businesses have smaller teams, which means that you’ll get personalized service with personal touches, and talk to people who are truly invested in and enjoy the products that they offer.  Plus, if you’re searching for a unique gift or product, local businesses are often better connected to help you out in finding just the right thing.

You’re Supporting Local Non-Profits & Your Community

Small businesses are an important part of the community that they’re in, meaning that when you support small business, you’re also supporting your local community. You might find that your local store gives back to great, local causes, or that the materials that their products are made of are sourced from other local small businesses, further spreading that love and creating a ripple effect with every purchase.


Ways to Support Small Businesses Beyond Buying

While shopping local is a great way to directly support small business, there are several other ways that you can show your support:
  • Share on Social Media: Word of mouth is a huge marketing tool for small businesses. Plus, when you find a product that you love, you naturally want to share it with those who will enjoy it, too!  Boost a local business in a community Facebook page, or share your favourite store or product on Instagram stories.  Be sure to tag the business you’re supporting so they can see and share the love!  You can also use hashtags like #ShopSmall or #SupportLocal to help even more people discover your post. Consider also tagging the city the business is created in to help share a great new shop or product in your local community.
  • Write Reviews: Many people rely on reviews when deciding whether to shop from a small business.  If you love a local business, share your support by writing a review on their Facebook page or on Yelp. You can also share your love by commenting on these businesses’ social media posts as potential buyers may look there to get more information about an experience with a company.
  • Sign Up for Loyalty Programs & Newsletters: If a local business has a rewards program - whether it’s a stamp program or discount code via a newsletter, signing up for these programs is another great way to support local business. Plus, you’ll be kept up to date on discounts and rewards to make it even easier for you to keep enjoying the products you love.

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