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Hi all! It’s Laura, Founder of Little Tucker.
There’s nothing like a global pandemic banning all travel to make this Aussie living in Canada feel home-sick this holiday season. And I know many of you in North America have an Aussie-living-abroad in their life (what can I say, we like to travel), or maybe know someone who was MEANT to visit Australia this year. 
So, I have together a fun Aussie gift guide to give you some ideas of how to bring a little bit of down under, up here to the great white north. Enjoy!
*Side note* Did you know that Little Tucker’s name was inspired by Australia? Back home, “tucker” is a slang word which is generally used these days to describe food. But more traditionally, tucker described the native bush food that The Aboriginal people harvested from the land - think fruits, nuts, berries, seeds. All the delicious natural things that Little Tucker is made from today (minus the grubs!). Read more about our story here.

The Aussie Gift Guide

1. Vegemite

Every Aussie’s favourite breakfast spread. It’s very rare for anyone outside of Australia to appreciate Vegemite’s salty flavour, but for us who grew up in Australia, it is a childhood staple! Most of us were sent off to school in the morning with the remnants of a “vegemite smile” still plastered on our faces (ie: when we haven’t washed our faces after eating the dark, sticky spread). Rule number 1 for vegemite: DON’T EAT IT WITH A SPOON! It is meant to be thinly spread on toast with butter, I cannot stress this enough. And if you’re really looking to up your gift game - you can buy your beloved Aussie a personalized jar  with their name on it, or a whole range of Vegemite paraphernalia to make them happy little vegemite! Pssst, you can find Vegemite in most North American grocery stores.

2. Uggs

I know what you’re thinking - why would anyone living in a country so notoriously hot have the need for uggs? And to be honest, I have no answer for that. They are kind of like our winter “flip-flop”, especially popular amongst the surfer crowd. Not the most fashionable of footwear, but love them or hate them, my god are they comfy!

3. Tim Tams

I literally just drooled thinking of them.
They are Australia’s most loved biccy (ie: cookie). Tim Tam’s are to Australia, what Oreo’s are to Americans. Crispy chocolate biscuits and cream filling, hugged in delicious chocolate. However you have not had the proper experience until you have tried the Tim Tam Slam. Which simply means biting off a little bit from each end, and using it as a straw to drink a hot beverage, so that the inside becomes a melty, chocolatey, delicious mess. There is now a huge variety of flavours, but may I so boldly recommend that the Chewy Caramel is the best flavour. You can also find these at most North American grocery stores.

4. AFL Guernsey


Australian Football requires men to wear short shorts, a guernsey, and no…that's right, no….protective gear. It’s continuous, free-flowing action (don’t even get me started on how stop start American Football is). Most Aussies have a beloved football team, and sporting a guernsey as a shirt is standard attire. I wouldn’t know though, my team barely wins and wearing their colours is just asking for trouble. 

5. Thongs


For your feet!!! It’s weird, I know, but it makes much more sense than wearing ugg boots in Australia does. Mostly because we need shoes that are easiest to kick off when running through the scorching hot sand to the beach, but also because of their versatility - a picnic, a wedding, to work, to dinner, a funeral - no problem! If you want to go true Aussie - opt for the highest standard of thong - the Double Plugger. 

6. Stubby Holders

The ultimate Australian accessory, before the birth of Yeti. Because we take keeping our beer cold very seriously. Bonus points if you find one with an Australian flag on it, or a rude pun. 

7. Adopt A Koala

After recent bushfires, the much loved Australian teddy bear, the Koala, is sliding towards becoming endangered. It’s reported they are on track to becoming extinct in certain parts of Australia by 2050. No Aussie likes hearing this about our cuddly friends, but there are lots of ways to donate to their cause and help save them. Ps, no, you will not attain a koala as a pet. I wish!

8. Little Tucker

Of course! Founded by an Aussie, they are the perfect little snack for the Aussie in your life who needs a reminder of home. Five different flavours of bites, all focused on fuelling your body with delicious food made from real ingredients. Little Tucker forges the food market to source high quality ingredients that together makes the wholesome 'tucker' that fuels your day and fills your heart! Check them out here.

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Little Tucker is a Canadian-owned and run business. All of our vegan snacks and indulgences are made from simple, natural ingredients and contains no hidden naughties! Shop here.

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