One Week Plant Based Eating Challenge

Meatless Monday was a trend we saw rise in 2019, encouraging people to implement more plant-based meals into their diets. However, now with more and more people switching to a plant-based diet, it’s expanding beyond just Monday's and beyond what we cook for ourselves at home. Now restaurants, grocery stores, large take-out chains and meal delivery services are jumping on board too.

A short few years ago, when the word “vegan” was mentioned, it was automatically met with push-back and the vision of bland raw vegetables on a plate. But this is 2020 - and eating plant based means so much more than that now! Cheese, milk, chicken wings, turkey roast…you name it. There’s a veganised version of it. Yes, don’t worry, even vegan chocolate is a thing! Making it all the more easy for us to transition to eating more plant-based, without having to give up the things we love.

Coconut Lentil Dahl
Deliciously Ella's Coconut Lentil Dahl  


Let’s start from the beginning for those who are still new and just starting to explore plant-based eating. Firstly, what is it? A plant-based diet is one that centres on whole plant foods, namely vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, mushrooms, nuts and seeds. 

The definition can truly vary depending on who you ask. For some, it can mean eating no animal bi-products at all, including butter, eggs and dairy (this is most commonly referred to as a vegan diet). But for others, eating plant-based can mean still eating very small amounts of animal products. For them, it’s about emphasizing plant-based foods, while minimizing the amount of animal products they consume. And this is a great step in the right direction too!

Going cold turkey from a meat-centric diet may seem overwhelming and daunting for some, and well that’s because, it can be! Without the proper planning and transition period, becoming a vegan overnight is not something that’s very attainable for most. So, let’s make this a little more bite size for you. How does a one week plant-based challenge sound to you? A one week trial is a perfect way to get a feel for whether this could be for you - either full time or maybe just a few days out of the week. We’re all about balance and allowing room to be kind to ourselves and respect our bodies with love - which means leaving room for treats and not restricting the things we love from our diet. We’ve gathered recipes from our favourite food bloggers and hand-picked some of our fave meals to get you set up for an entire week’s worth of eating.

Just click the links for the recipes, and enjoy! 


Summin' Sweet for those frosty mornings: Baked Banana and Blueberry Oatmeal by Deliciously Ella. 

Summin' Savoury for those slow Sunday mornings: Southwest Breakfast Sandwiches by Convey The Moment. 

Summin' quick and easy to throw together before work: Well, easy! Grab some whole-wheat English muffins, and top them with fresh tomato, avocado slices and a sprinkle of hemp seeds. Or go nuts with almond butter and banana slices. Or hummus, cucumber slices and fresh dill…you get the point. Elevate your boring morning toast with something to keep things a little more exciting.

Meal Prep Week-Long Power Bowls

Power Bowls by Oh She Glows


Elevate your lunch by pre-making a bunch of these delicious falafels by Dinner With Julie at the beginning of the week. Stuff them in a pita with some fresh greens and pickles, sub the tzatziki for some hummus and voila!  

A not-so-average power bowl that will actually keep you full and fuelled, by Oh She Glows. 

Soup & sammie lovers, don’t worry, we have something for you too. Chickpea tuna sandwiches and cream of mushroom soup by Hot For Food.


Dahl, duh! This coconut lentil dahl curry is both delicious and comforting, by Deliciously Ella.

Everyone needs a good go-to pasta dish for a yummy and easy mid-week meal. Look no further than Food By Maria’s pasta sauce. 

Looking for something a little “meatier”? These sliders by Thug Kitchen should hit the spot. 

BBQ Bean Sliders
 BBQ Bean Sliders by Thug Kitchen


And of course, no-one likes getting hangry, so be sure to have some vegan snacks on hand at all times - in your purse, in your car, in your office desk. Look no further than our superfood filled vegan energy balls. Or treat yourself with an indulgent late night snack with one of our Snickaroo Bites or two!

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