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Little Tucker Vegan Snacks

All of our vegan snacks and indulgences are made from simple, natural ingredients and contains no hidden naughties! We are committed to bringing you healthy snacks which not only taste delicious, but make you feel good from the inside out because we believe that a person with a full belly and a full heart can better enjoy a more balanced life. Whether you tuck into one of Little Tucker’s superfood vegan energy balls, or a beautifully crafted treat, be happy knowing we have mindfully created something for you to enjoy and most importantly, nourish your body.


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Healthy vegan snacks and energy balls

These products are our favourite go-to’s and crowd faves. If you’re not sure what you’d like to snack on, here’s a great place to start! Packed with superfoods and all made from gluten free, natural ingredients you can pronounce!

We Pride Ourselves

We pride ourselves on the way we create and we believe that healthy vegan food is the key to a sustainable lifestyle (and earth, too!). Our products are packed with high quality superfoods that come straight from the earth to fuel your body, not weigh it down. We are also big believers in giving back to our community which is why Little Tucker contributes a percentage of profits to The Mustard Seed every month. This means every purchase you make helps grow hope, build community and support change for those who need it most.

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